Kittens Creative is a full service creative and brand marketing agency based out of Brooklyn, NY.

At Kittens, we take pride in being both innovative marketers and inventive creatives – storytellers and brand advocates, provocateurs and problem solvers, marketing brains and creative muscle.

Founded in 2009 by Glenn Ianaro and Tim Wagner, Kittens began as a boutique music and audio post production group. With the recent addition of new partner and CCO Joe Loskywitz, Kittens has evolved into a full service creative agency, reborn as Kittens Creative.



Launch Campaigns
& Episodics

Kitten’s loves the chance to mold a new show’s premise and footage into a crazy cool campaign-able idea that can resonate with the viewer. So, whether you need killer clip-based trailers, a conceptual shoot spot, or both! We will give you a campaign that’s on brief, on budget, and best of all – effective.




Kittens understands brands. In fact we specialize in developing great
co-branded creative because we love showing how two (or three) brands
can be better than one.


Live Action Shoots

Yeah, in the past we’ve Produced, Edited, & Creative Directed lots of live action shoots. We just know how to  bring big ideas with challenging budgets to life: Car spots (our favorite), brand films, and champagne quality EPKs and wraps on a beer and pretzels budget.



We guess that right here you might expect us to say what great “visual  storytellers” we are. Rather than waste time on the obvious, let’s just say we know how to cut any kind of promo or trailer you might need. Dramatic touch. Comedic feel. Emotional impact. Try us and see!



We just have a knack for creating awesome trailers for new movies. Or...taking an old movie and giving it a fresh new spin no one has done before.


Network Branding

Syfy. IFC. FYI. BBC America. They know, Promax knows and so should you. We have a talent for helping networks amplify their brand creative. Whether it’s how the brand sounds on air, or the best ways for your network to engage consumers across multiple platforms.


Original Music, Mixes,
& Sound Design

This damn company was founded on creating the perfect track or modifying the best pop song, and / or sound designing and mixing for killer spots. Sonic branding? You bet. And we
have a neat banjo



Big Idea Writing
and Concepts

Big brains plus big hands and big
mouths gets you really big ideas and concepts. It’s just that simple.



Upfront Reels

No one loves a good upfront like us! From sizzle to capabilities reels to overall strategy. We know the drill and get the audience and goals you are trying to reach.